Fun for a Fiver

Fun for a fiver

I am always conscious that despite living in a holiday destination we aren’t actually on holiday all the time. So when friends or family visit or holiday nearby finances can get a bit unstuck when ‘treats’ and ‘budget’ do not naturally coincide.

We have become master weather spotters and know from wind direction the best places for a beach BBQ – Loe Beach or Towan on the south coast, Chapel Porth or Little Fistral on the north coast. Always a bit of a faff to sort out but much more purse friendly than a pub lunch or pizza trip, and I think the kids enjoy the beach far more than being indoors anyway.

After all you can trump up to a Pizza Express anywhere around the country and get essentially the same experience. But the beach…hard to come by for our city dwelling friends and certainly more than the 20 minute drive it is when they are in Cornwall.

Similarly, there are some fantastic destinations for family days out but we have to think carefully before we part with the £50 it inevitably costs. We have our favourites Рmore on that in another post- but simply cannot make them a weekly event.

So here is our fun for a fiver series: favourite things to do that won’t break the bank. Not all jam jars and jam sandwiches at the beach but we hope you find something you like!


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