Storms, sandcastles and sloe gin

Having dreaded the half term break and what on earth to do to entertain small and smallest son since about 2am last Thursday, by the time the storms hit (and the gin cellar was stocked) I was quite able to entertain the idea that we might have some fun.

Lashings of rain long debated and discussed never came (well, not until Thursday) and the storm itself passed over us Saturday night leaving a crisp and golden day in its wake.

We spent a few days away from our home town, in one of the beautiful wooded valleys along the Tamar. But we didn’t stop here and barely seemed to pause for breath on Halloween.

Our quest for sloes for the annual gin-making session took us far and wide from one coast to t’other and we finished off with a smugetty smug “we have wellies and we don’t care” walk in the woods. Ok so it was persisting it down and we used the milk for Mondays cereal to create hot chocolate extravagances but it was a feel-good day to remember.

When our friend FaceBook continually updates me with tales of family Legoloand days, Pizza lunches and bootfulls of toys bought on a weekly shopping trip I sometimes wonder if I am doing my kids right. Not that I have bottomless pockets to meet their every whim anyway… Well pennies were tight this week but we had no lesser fun for it. In fact (smugetty-smug alert)… I think we had more!




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