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Rainy day pizza (super quick, no-fuss!)


1 cup self-raising flour

1 cup of Greek or natural yoghurt

Seasoning: salt & pepper, or dried mixed herbs, or paprika (if you like that kind of thing!)

Extra flour for dusting the board

In a bowl, use your hands to combine the flour, seasoning and yoghurt and bring together to form a ball.

Turn out onto a floured board to knead and roll.

Knead for 5-8 minutes. A great rainy day exercise if your kids can’t get the hang of kneading they can smash the dough into the board/work surface pretty hard for a couple of minutes. This will stretch the gluten so the dough will rise.

Roll into a pizza shape, spread with passage or sliced ripe tomatoes and add your toppings.

Toppings  we like here are cheese, tomato and olive (fussy youngest). Eldest likes ham, mushrooms, peppers or Cornish Salami from the Cornish Food Box if we’re feeling fancy! I like courgette, spinach, rocket and a cracked egg and a good grating of Davidstow cheddar. All need mozzarella and no need to spend a lot, Lidl and Aldi or Sainsbury’s basics works great.

Tip: – if you have the end of a jar of pesto, add a glug of oil. It will keep in the fridge for a few days. Stir this through your passata for an instant, easy flavour boost.

Notethis is enough for 1 pizza or for 2 smaller appetites. You will need a large bag of flour and a couple of pots of yoghurt if you’re feeding extras!


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