Ice cream!

Ice cream… nothing better on a hot summer’s day. Or a brisk winter day come to think of it. Here at Mumsnet Cornwall my children are very fond of an ice cream… and so am I!

While I won’t dip my hands in my pockets every time we’re at the beach, I do sometimes drop an icey cone into a random day of chores and errands when we’re out out and about. As much for me as for the children!

Here are a few of my favourites –  every one listed has been tested and verified by my children and their friends! But if I’ve left someone off the list please let me know. They will be only too happy to pop out and do a taste test for you…

Artisan Gelato, Truro

Whether you visit the shop next to the Old Grammar School, or the mobile seller currently outside Next on Pydar Street, this ice cream is a treat not to be passed over if you’re in Truro.

This artisan gelato is made in the same traditional method that it was in Italy a hundred or so years ago. This means it is lower in fat than other popular ice creams.


Rowan loves: the blue one, always the blue one…

Chapel Porth Cafe

The home of the hedgehog ice cream! Cornish vanilla, clotted cream and toasted caramelised hazelnuts . Not tried it? It is worth a trip to this beautiful beach for one of these, no matter where in the county you are!


There is an impressive list of natural ingredients and all flavours are dairy free. These are little pots of joy and every bit as decadent as their creamy cousins!

My favourite is the peppermint that has a healthy dose of spirulina to give it a vibrant colour. The childrem, being fans of the raw chocolate version disagree. You will have to try for yourselves!

Stocked at independent foodie places across Cornwall.

Cecil on Ice

Find this dinky little retro van for the amazing Moomaid Of Zennor Cornish Ice Cream. Moomaid uses fresh milk for their Friesian dairy herd and combines with Roddas Cornish Cream (which the farm’s milk goes into making). They then make luxury Cornish ice cream in their purpose built ice cream parlour on Tremedda Farm, West Cornwall.

The van is available for hire and also sells distinctly grown-up frozen cocktails (trust us… they’re divine!!).

Look out for it at the family-friendly foodie events across the county, such as the Enys Food Jam in Penryn, and the St Ives Food Festival.


Read the menu here



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