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Truro’s Sanctuary

Some of our toddlers have become tweens and with it has come an unexpected parenting conundrum: Too old for the indignity of their mate’s big sister to ‘babysit’ yet too young to be left home alone, figuring out what to do when we go out can be tricky. And sometimes we want to pop in somewhere as a family, but not always for a full meal.

And as Truro becomes an ever busier place to live (more on that in another post!), more and more we want to step off the beaten track to find comfort away from the bustle.

So we watched with interest when the Sanctuary bar popped up behind the cathedral and on the way to the fish & chip shop! And what a joy it is: a cosy French-style style place where you can get a decent glass of wine or a good coffee. And where well behaved children are welcome with their parents or aunties! There is no food service, but we’ve never wanted more than the (delicious) bread, ham and artisan cheese that is always available.

We were tempted back after our first visit to check out a winter movie – and truly we cannot say how lovely this was. The Sunday before Christmas all our tempers were a little frayed, so a chilled glass of sauv for us and The Polar Express for the smalls was just the right mix of uplifting and rebalancing.

‘That is just what I want it to be,’ said owner David as we chatted after the credits rolled. ‘We hope this is a little haven, we want to be calm and relaxing – a sanctuary, just like the name. And of course why shouldn’t older children be welcome?

‘We have had a really good response from our customers to the family movies and we think it’s lovely to give people the choice to come and just have a drink, or to come and watch a film or play a board game together.’

There is no scarcity of coffee or wine places in Truro,  but The Sanctuary is just as its name suggests. A haven in the shadow of the cathedral, a place to recharge and unwind without the conflicting distractions of loud music or restaurant noise.

We’ve been back several times: for coffee with the tweens, for that delicious sauv with friends and to buy a decent bottle to have with a weekend steak. (Did we mention that bottles are retailed as well? We especially love this as the nearest supermarket does not have a great choice!)

The movie programme will continue through the spring and we’ll definitely be supporting this. But perhaps we should leave the children at home for that one and enjoy a really quiet evening!

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The Sanctuary,
18 Old Bridge Street,
Truro TR1 2AH


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